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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

My name is Jordan White. After graduating from Memorial University's Business Commerce Program with a concentration in Marketing Communications, I worked for 8 years for large global brands like Coca-Cola and Labatt Breweries. Before the pandemic hit us, I was sure it was time to rethink the ways businesses were advertising themselves. So equipped with a new way of thinking, my laptop, and my camera bag, I set out to help local businesses with their marketing efforts.

Since 2019, my company has grown into a team of like-minded, passionate individuals. We build clear communication and create powerful connections with our clients and their online audiences.

Norman and Jordan

Our Story

We are passionate about working with businesses we align with and creating work that best tells their story. The world of marketing is constantly changing and we thrive in this challenging industry. From content creation to website development, we research, create and grow our clients' businesses in this ever-changing environment.


We believe that life is about the people you meet and the things that you create.

If you are looking to make waves with your marketing efforts, let's connect.

Meet The Team


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